I'm a software developer with experience in designing, implementing and maintaining successful software products. I've helped design and implement cross-platform client SDKs for mobile and native development with WebRTC, which have been in production over 4+ years of regular releases, enabling real-time video and audio communication in a variety of applications. In addition to shipping the SDKs, I've written substantial SQL-based data analytics to examine the performance of deployed client software.

In the more distant past, I participated in developing broker-neutral algorithmic trading systems for foreign exchange, which integrated with a wide variety of bank and electronic trading network venues. This was mainly server-side development focused on delivering market data and state management for trades.

My recent side-projects include functional prototypes for a p2p audio conferencing system, and several music-related applications. You can have a look at many of them right here, with source code and detailed information included.

My resume is available upon request; please get in touch via wilsonmichaelpatrick@gmail.com and I will provide it in my reply.

My main interest is in creating technology solutions that work, and reach production.

Relevant buzzwords:

  • C++, C, Objective C, JavaScript, SQL, Java, utilitarian shell scripting.
  • WebRTC (native and browser), Node.js, Express, React, Vue.js, libev, libuv, SSL, XCode, Visual Studio, Valgrind, KCachegrind, WebSockets, Apache Zeppelin.
  • iOS, Linux, Windows, OpenBSD.
  • Network Programming, Multithreading, API Development.

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